3 good reasons why you should practice gardening

3 good reasons why you should practice gardening

No matter where you live (rural or urban), you can start gardening. This activity will require you to make an effort to get a good result. However, doing this activity will give you benefits. Find out in this article a few reasons why you should garden.

Solution to burn calories

If you want to eliminate energy other than through sport, you can opt for gardening. This activity will require you to take your work tools. You will have to wear your gloves to clean weeds, sow seeds and water your plants. These movements are an important physical activity.

It is true that gardening cannot compete with swimming or a game of football, but it eliminates energy from your body. It has been proven that 30 minutes of digging can evacuate at least 150 kcal.

Eating organic

In recent years, several studies have been conducted on the health hazards of pesticides. Yet these products are widely used in agriculture today. You can then engage in the cultivation of organic products.

By opting for this approach, you will have the certainty of consuming healthy products. You can make your fertilizer. You can search for information for certain tasks you don't master.

Getting help

When you want to go into the vegetable garden, you may not master all aspects of this activity. You need to go to a credible source to acquire competence.

You can use this platform online: https://www.homy.fr. You'll find ideas for success in gardening. In addition, the themes related to decoration and DIY are also developed.

Bringing a smile to the planet

Plants consume carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen. By opting for gardening at home, you will help reduce global warming.

On a small scale, you will contribute to a global need: limiting global warming.


Gardening has a positive effect on personal development. It boosts personal satisfaction. After making a lot of effort to sow a seed, you will experience great satisfaction when it becomes a plant.

Better yet, its flowers and fruits will be sources of motivation and encouragement. The compliments you will receive from your loved ones (neighbours, friends, family, etc.) will improve your self-esteem.


The tasks you will have to do during gardening can make you believe that this is just routine. This way of thinking is not true. You must reserve a place for creativity. It is this spirit that will lead you to make drawings on the ground, using flowers (heart, cross, rectangle, etc.).

You can also take advantage of the colors of your flowers and vegetables to decorate your small field. This will be an opportunity to awaken the talent of artist that lies within you.

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